High Performance Sales Training

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Learn the secret of successful, continuous sales and leave the days of hustle and grind behind. Even in a challenging or competitive market, discover the key ingredients to persistent sales, gaining regular referrals and securing life-long customers.

Who is this for?

Designed specifically to assist business owners and their teams deliver consistently high-growth sales, this unrivalled sales coaching program debunks the myths and uncovers the enigma of high-profit, continuous sales through repeat and referral business. Focusing on transferable sales and customer service techniques, combined with the key business acceleration principles, this value-packed program promises to propel your sales and business to the top of your industry, make customers tell their friends about you and helps you leave behind the days of hustling for every sale. The program will challenge you to look at your values as a salesperson to enable you to build authentic relationships, exceed targets and enjoy consistently high sales and commissions.

“I’ve had many people tell me I could sell ice to eskimos. I always laugh because I know that’s not the case - I would only sell ice to eskimos who really needed it because that’s the secret to successful sales. You have to identify your customer’s real needs and serve them diligently with your products or services, build rapport, offer them excellent customer service and consistently follow up. Integrity and honesty are the fast-track to life-long customers and consistent referrals.” Neil Hopley

What do I get?

Sign up to High-Performance Sales Training and you will have also access to 20 video tutorials, downloadable workbooks, checklists and practical guides, a 2.5-hour sales seminar audio and mindset techniques to take you and your business to the next level.

High-Performance Sales Training includes topics such as:

  • What is sales?
  • Understanding the values and strategies of successful salespeople
  • Setting goals and performance targets
  • The importance of your business vision and mission
  • Stop firefighting and learn productivity hacks
  • Key words and phrases to use to secure a sale
  • How to use open-ended questions to have your customer engaged
  • How to build rapport with anybody
  • How to underpromise and overdeliver
  • The steps to a sale
  • Successful follow-ups
  • How to finalise a sale
  • How to have a customer for life
  • Using activity logs to transform how your sales team works
  • Growing and managing a successful sales team
  • Marketing and networking

What can I expect?

Accessed via your unique log-in and personal dashboard, every week for 5 months you will receive new video tutorials and documents to help you embed your sales training in a long-term and meaningful way. Training should never be sold as a quick fix - you need continuous learning to achieve long-term change and results. Your materials are then available to you for a further 5 months to support you in transferring what you’ve learnt into your business and keep you motivated to use the program. 

The program also includes access to a copy of the 'Business is Freedom ebook - The Master Manual for Business Success and Freedom’. Packed with over 100 pages of stories, strategies and powerful coaching questions, the book reinforces the learning within the High-Performance Sales Training program and delivers a vision of business and executive freedom that is real and possible for you.

For only $695, you will receive:

  • 20 video tutorials, 1 each week for 5 months
  • Downloadable workbooks, templates and checklists to take straight into your sales team
  • 'Business is Freedom - The Master Manual for Business Success and Freedom' book with over 100 pages of case studies, advice and practical applications of key sales and leadership principles
  • Audio Training 
  • Mindset training tools
  • Bonus materials
  • 5 months further access to the materials
  • Instant access and continuous access to your own personal dashboard for 10 months

Or if you’re interested in both sales and leadership coaching, learn more about the full business sales and leadership coaching package in the Business Academy.

Sales is a high-demand area and you’re always short on time. The customer comes first, but the customers will come MORE once you’ve established key sales and leadership principles and systems in your business.

Invest in High-Performance Sales Training and invest in yourself and your business’s future.



What My Clients Are Saying About Me


"Neil’s incredibly passionate about what he does and one of his greatest strengths is how he combines life coaching skills with business coaching skills - he com.."

Tony Hart Ray White, Broome

"After about 4 months into the Electronic Industry Sales and Service Workshops conducted by Neil Hopley we realised the profound impact the Workshops had produce.."

Alan Marley Service Manager Panasonic Australia

"Working with Neil Hopley assisted us to increase productivity and to create a better working environment for our team. Our work with Neil enabled us to change t.."

Bruce Morgan Managing Director Courier Australia


  • How do I know this is right for me?
    High-performance businesses and business leaders have several key characteristics. Just by the fact that you are here, shows me you already have some of those. You’re curious, you’re hungry to continually improve yourself and your business and you’re not driven by ego – you know that you can’t do it all and a business coach can guide you and push you in ways you didn’t know possible. Are you ready to unleash your potential? If so, this is right for you.
  • Why choose Neil Hopley?
    I have a proven track record of success in each and every business I’ve worked with. Now I’m sharing my 30 years of expertise through my digital programs enabling businesses within Australia and worldwide to benefit from my tried and tested method and principles. Learn more about me here
  • I was looking for a business mentor. Is this the same thing?
    A business mentor works with you personally to guide and teach you. A business coach does the same but sometimes is more challenging and solution-focused. These digital programs allow you to have your own business coach at your desk, without the large investment. There’s no obligation or contract but you’re still accountable and still being driven forward.
  • How is this different to a standard training course?
    By contrast to a one-off training course, where the information and your well-intentioned goals start to fade after a couple of months – here you can truly embed change through self-paced or monthly learning you can access at any time to suit you. You’re not thinking about how good the pastries are at morning tea – you’re fully focused on driving your business to success.
  • What is ‘Business Freedom’?
    Business Freedom is running a highly successful business in addition to having the time for your family and friends. It’s that ideal we all strive too – the perfect work-life balance – which is real and alive for business owners just like you. Read more about my ‘freedom philosophy’ here
  • How do I disseminate the principles across my company?
    It’s vital that the principles and practices you will learn from these programs are extended across your whole organisation. Each person in your team needs to be excited and engaged by the vision of your company. The easiest way to achieve this is to enroll your senior managers and key team members into the programs– embedding the vision and learning across your company. This means your team are learning and growing at a fraction of the price of standard training days or one-off courses.
  • How will the program be delivered?

    Your online business coaching and training is a unique mix of video tutorials, guides, audios and great resources. When you sign up, you will receive a unique log in and password to access your own personal dashboard. Each week you will receive an email directing you to the new content available in your program

  • What if I buy multiple courses?

    All your programs will be available to you from your own personal dashboard

  • What if I decide it’s not for me?

    If you are for any reason not satisfied with the program, we will refund you in full within 7 days of purchase.