If I wasn't a business coach

I’d still be working with people and mentoring them in their businesses, as it’s my passion. I love helping people achieve ‘Business Success & Freedom’ – putting in place key practices, people and systems, which generate consistent business success, where team members feel engaged and have the freedom to grow and express ideas on business improvement. This always leads to more choices and free time for the business owners. For me, that’s what life and business is really about – spending time with your family, friends and enjoying life – not being stressed and time poor. I love helping people achieve their business goals and finding their work-life balance.


I’m a bit different to other business coaches

although I will help you deliver a higher profit, that’s not what drives me. The first thing I do with clients is look at your values – personal, lifestyle and business. There are several key characteristics of successful leaders and I only work with businesses and people that align with those. It’s about Integrity, Being Visionary, Removing Egos, Accountability and Personal Responsibility amongst others. I know that’s a different way of looking at it, but businesses are about people and how people respond to your people. That’s why I’m different, I focus on you and your team, the human side of business and then we look at the systems and practices to support you and your team to grow.

It’s about how you treat the person serving you coffee.

To explain what I mean, it’s as simple as how you respond to the person bringing you your morning caffeine hit. I can tell in that instant what type of person you are and how successful you will be in business long term. Do you engage with them? Are you empathetic? Are you dismissive?

I’m driven by my desire to be with my family.

I’m driven by my desire to be with my family. My son Ethan is my world. I love nothing more than kicking the ball with him in our back yard and sharing stories over a meal. I work so I can spend that time with him and make sure that he comes first. I help my clients achieve that personal freedom, whilst still running successful, profitable businesses. It is possible and I can help you achieve it too. When you sign up for my free program A Taste of Freedom you’ll receive obligation free access to videos and downloadable material  showing you the principles of Business Freedom including immediate actions you can make in your business today to gain valuable knowledge on how to build a profitable business that gives you freedom.

“My purpose in creating success and freedom for business owners is to enable them to have far greater life choices. I help build business success by implementing a business success foundation first, then reliable marketing systems and team accountability, where all team members know what results they need to achieve for the business to consistently succeed. A business built on this foundation makes it easier for the business owner to have lifestyle choices whilst the business succeeds with or without them there.”

About my experience

Every client that has implemented my business performance strategies has achieved their business goals… I’ve worked with countless clients across most industries and sectors and they’ve all achieved their business goals after implementing my principles and practices. Most of them have added millions of dollars to their turnover and profits and I’ve helped propel average businesses to the top of their industries. In total that’s approximately 125 companies and about 45,000 owners, managers, sales and service people. 

Clients include many Real Estate businesses from Ray White, The Professionals, LJ Hooker and others, BLJ Australia, Proform Products, Courier Australia and many small to medium businesses as well as National and Multi-National companies such as Westpac, Panasonic, Coles/Myer, Hewlett Packard, BGC and IBM. Read what my clients say about working with me.

I’m limited to the number of clients I can personally work with. All my clients come from repeat and referral business and I can only personally work with a select number of new businesses each year. That’s why I set up the Business Freedom Program and the online version of my consulting – so I can help more people achieve their business goals.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years using my experience in all areas of business to help others. I’ve clearly identified the major steps to business success and how to guide people to implement them and navigate through difficult times. I’ve also clearly identified how to create better teams & work environments and how to fully engage your team’s enthusiasm, creativity and ideas in the changes and growth of your business. I teach you this proven approach in detail through The Business Freedom Program leadership and sales training or if you’re not ready to make the jump into a full program, try Foundations of Freedom –  for a one-off investment of only $49.50 you can learn the key steps in making your business a success and finding freedom.

In the end, it’s about you, not me.

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