Business Freedom – it’s that elusive secret to running a successful, profitable business and enjoying the freedom and autonomy to achieve work-life balance. It’s not just for the lucky few – it can be achieved and is possible for you if you want it.

My coaching programs will teach you how to create the right team, implement practical strategies and ultimately achieve freedom from your business. Every entrepreneur starts with a vision of flexibility of time, passion for their product or service and the freedom of running their own business. For many the reality is quite different. But it doesn’t have to be, let me help you get back to that original vision, create new growth strategies and experience often exponential growth in profits.

Here are my five ‘Freedoms of Business’:

  1. Passion and Purpose: Freedom for the business owner to follow their passion, to work in the role that they enjoy doing and which is aligned to their talents and skills. To have a business purpose that is more than just fulfilling the owner’s needs, a business which enables their team members to learn and grow and that adds value to their customers’ lives.
  2. Life Balance: Freedom for the business owner to have their work and business life in balance with their life as a whole. Including the areas of Health, Exercise, Education, Wealth, Spirituality, Hobbies and other Creative Expressions. More time to network with other business owners and most importantly, more time with their family.
  3. Wealth for Self and Family: Freedom for the business owner to build wealth and prosperity in all its forms – for themselves, their family and whatever other organisations they wish to support.
  4. Benefits the Team: Freedom for team members to be personally engaged in the vision and mission of the company, to enjoy their work and work environment. To be encouraged to learn and grow, and be able to communicate their workplace concerns, contribute and express ideas on how the business can improve and expand and be fairly remunerated in return.
  5. Serves Others: Freedom for the business to grow, achieve excellence and provide products, services and contribution to all those who interact with it including customers, suppliers, business associates, the local community and the world in general.Busine

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