The Business Freedom Program

Who is this for?

For all business owners, executives and team leaders, this powerful course will radically transform your business and allow you to crack that elusive enigma code – the key to a successful business and the freedom to enjoy that success. Coaching you through every step of implementing high-performance business principles and practices, The Business Freedom Program is your digital business mentor.

Giving you access to a leading business coach, over 50 video tutorials, downloads, workbooks, audio seminars and mindset tools, this program enables you to embed learning into your busy schedule and see the benefits emerge. Commit to long-lasting change rather than one-off training courses and see how you and your team can benefit. Sign up now for this unique, sought-after course.

“In the Business Freedom Program, I’ve brought together all that I have learned over 30 years of coaching about people, sales, leaders and training multi-national businesses into one dynamic program. Not everyone has a coach on their team, but I believe everyone should benefit from someone supporting them to grow into their potential, to challenge their systems and mindset and provide practical advice on running a team and growing sales in today’s business world. That’s why I created this leadership and sales program, to make coaching more accessible and valuable for every business.”

Building a High Performance Team

Part of my role as a business coach is to help my clients build their teams and business cultures – embedding high performance values and principles with every team member. Training is a necessary part of up-skilling and investing in your workforce. How would it feel to have every employee on the same page, working towards your vision and driving productivity and positivity amongst your team?
You can achieve this, to some extent, by discussing your experiences from the Business Freedom program with your team, however to accelerate the growth of your business and align your team to High Performance Leadership and Sales you can join those teams into the complete High Performance Leadership and High Performance Sales programs from your Business Freedom program Dashboard page. Once you subscribe to the Business Freedom program you will then have access to subscribe your Leadership and Sales Leaders and teams for a reduced investment.

Many of my clients now join their leaders and teams into those training programs and their feedback is excellent:

“I have been working with Neil Hopley and his Business Performance Systems for over 8 years. He has become a trusted business partner as well as a genuine friend. Through working with Neil I have been able to facilitate a successful business start-up, two business partner buyouts, an expansion of my business interests and most importantly achievement of my personal goals. My business interests are now based on a tight culture of genuine care, staff development and the achievement of high performance results. As business leaders we all know our industries and feel we are genuinely good at what we do but having Neil on board has allowed me to strategise, clearly define and implement my goals and the life I want to live. I highly recommend Neil and his Business Performance Systems and Training.” 
Tony Hart
Managing Director
Ray White Real Estate
Broome & Derby Western Australia

What will I get?

You start by accessing my ‘Business is Freedom e-book’. Packed with over 300 pages of case studies, practical strategies and challenging questions – this book sets out the principles of my business coaching and lays the foundations for the learning through The Business Freedom Program.

You also receive a FREE personalised goal-setting session with me to identify your business and leadership ambitions, shape these into achievable goals and set you on the path to success, profits and growth.

You then access over 50 video tutorials pdfs, audios and mindset strategies giving in-depth knowledge of key business, sales and leadership topics including:


  • The essential values of successful business owners and leaders
  • Setting goals and targets
  • Refining your vision and mission
  • Establishing a high-performance business culture
  • Communication styles and strategies
  • Developing your emotional IQ
  • Capitalising on your strengths and knowing your weaknesses
  • How to give feedback to your team
  • Generating rapport and a good work environment
  • Creating a learning environment in your business culture
  • Getting the best from your team
  • How to plan for and run business development sessions with each of your team to transform and maintain relationships, loyalty and productivity

Sales & Customer Service

  • Customer Service – a 3-part series on implementing exceptional service to your clients
  • Securing repeat and referral customers
  • Key words and phrases to use to secure a sale
  • How to use open-ended questions to have your customer engaged
  • How to build rapport with anybody
  • How to underpromise and overdeliver
  • The steps to a sale
  • Successful follow-ups
  • How to finalise a sale
  • How to have a customer for life
  • Marketing and Networking


  • Business Planning
  • Developing a business action plan
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Key leadership principles for running a successful business

You will also receive the comprehensive ‘Team Leader Manual’. This 85-page, dynamic manual walks you through every area of leadership and management including:

  • How does a team leader “lead”?
  • Values and Goals worksheets
  • Performance agreements, Job Descriptions and Activity Logs including templates
  • Appraisals / Team performance assessments and a downloadable guide to running these sessions
  • How to use performance reports
  • How to implement change
  • Building rapport
  • Team rules

Finally you also receive a copy of the unique Neil Hopley Recruitment System to guide you through securing the right people for your team including:

  • Advertising roles
  • Choosing applicants
  • Interviews – questions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd interviews
  • Communicating with applicants
  • New team member’s first day
What can I expect?

This unique program gives you the benefits of working with a leading business coach in a virtual, structured environment, giving you access to powerful templates and tools and enabling you to implement change and see immediate results. 

Accessed via your unique log-in and personal dashboard, you will be able to access video tutorials and documents to help you embed your sales and leadership training in a long-term and meaningful way. Training and coaching should never be sold as a quick fix – you need continuous learning to achieve long-term change and results. Your materials are then available to you whenever you log in to your program dashboard to support you to maintain and grow your business, sales and leadership capabilities.

You will receive:

  • Over 50 video tutorials
  • The ‘Business is Freedom ebook – ‘The Master Manual for Business Success and Freedom’
  • The Team Leader Manual – 85 pages of advice, case studies and practical templates to creating a happy and loyal team
  • The Neil Hopley Recruitment System swipe file
  • Mindset tools and strategies to help you embed change and grow as a leader
  • Audio training from real sales and leadership seminars
  • Bonus materials
  • Instant access and continuous access to your personal dashboard and materials
  • Be part of an elite group of business leaders who are challenging themselves and growing profitable businesses whilst experiencing freedom and living the lives they want to lead
Business success starts with you so invest in YOU and see your business propelled to the next level and experience freedom like you’ve only dreamed of. 



"Neil’s incredibly passionate about what he does and one of his greatest strengths is how he combines life coaching skills with business coaching skills - he com.."

Tony Hart Ray White, Broome

"After about 4 months into the Electronic Industry Sales and Service Workshops conducted by Neil Hopley we realised the profound impact the Workshops had produce.."

Alan Marley Service Manager Panasonic Australia

"Working with Neil Hopley assisted us to increase productivity and to create a better working environment for our team. Our work with Neil enabled us to change t.."

Bruce Morgan Managing Director Courier Australia


High-performance businesses and business leaders have several key characteristics. Just by the fact that you are here, shows me you already have some of those. You’re curious, you’re hungry to continually improve yourself and your business and you’re not driven by ego – you know that you can’t do it all and a business coach can guide you and push you in ways you didn’t know possible. Are you ready to unleash your potential? If so, this is right for you.

I have a proven track record of success in each and every business I’ve worked with. Now I’m sharing my 30 years of expertise through my digital programs enabling businesses within Australia and worldwide to benefit from my tried and tested method and principles. Learn more about me here.

A business mentor works with you personally to guide and teach you. A business coach does the same but sometimes is more challenging and solution-focused. These digital programs allow you to have your own business coach at your desk, without the large investment. There’s no obligation or contract but you’re still accountable and still being driven forward.

By contrast to a one-off training course, where the information and your well-intentioned goals start to fade after a couple of months – here you can truly embed change through self-paced or monthly learning you can access at any time to suit you. You’re not thinking about how good the pastries are at morning tea – you’re fully focused on driving your business to success.

Business Freedom is running a highly successful business in addition to having the time for your family and friends. It’s that ideal we all strive too – the perfect work-life balance – which is real and alive for business owners just like you. Read more about my ‘freedom philosophy’ here.

It’s vital that the principles and practices you will learn from these programs are extended across your whole organisation. Each person in your team needs to be excited and engaged by the vision of your company. The easiest way to achieve this is to enroll your senior managers and key team members into the programs– embedding the vision and learning across your company. This means your team are learning and growing at a fraction of the price of standard training days or one-off courses.

Your online business coaching and training is a unique mix of video tutorials, guides, audios and great resources. When you sign up, you will receive a unique log in and password to access your own personal dashboard. Each week you will receive an email directing you to the new content available in your program.

All your programs will be available to you from your own personal dashboard.

If you are for any reason not satisfied with the program, we will refund you in full within 7 days of purchase.

Business is Freedom

The Master Manual to Business Success