Reducing Costs, Increasing Profits

The Client:

Established in Perth in 1997, BLJ Australia has grown to be the largest independent Cost Management Consultancy of its kind in Western Australia. Specialising in expense reduction, general cost management and in maintaining beneficial supplier/clients agreements, BLJ Australia consistently achieves savings for their clients ranging from 5% to 60% across 30 areas of common business expenditure.

The Brief:

BLJ Australia first engaged Neil as a Business Advisor in 1998 to assist them with aspects of the initial set up of the Partnership Agreement between the 3 founding directors and to also help them lay the ground work and install the foundational business systems, policies and procedures to ensure their company would grow and expand into the future. After working closely with the directors of BLJ during the organisation’s early years, Neil has continued to act as their Business Advisor on an “as need” basis being brought in to fine tune and enhance the original business systems he helped them to establish, which are still in place and successfully operating within the company to the current time.

Neil’s brief was to specifically assist with:

  • Partnership Agreement for Founding Directors
  • Create Company Vision, Mission, Values Statements & Organisational Chart
  • Establish Team Job Descriptions, Roles and Expectations
  • Commence Regular Business Development Sessions (Individual Team Coaching)
  • Refine Organisational and Business Management Systems
  • Increase Sales / Marketing Focus, Growth and Repeat/ Referral Business

The Outcome:

Over the 16 years that BLJ Australia has worked with Neil and utilised his business, leadership and sales systems they have established themselves as an innovative and respected business operator within this competitive niche market. By assisting them to consistently focus upon their maxim of “Success comes from helping others achieve success”, Neil has enabled BLJ Australia to grow, expand and position themselves as a company with a strong culture of customer service, guaranteed results and as a business of distinction…. priding themselves on being that little bit different from the rest.

Key Results:

“Working with Neil kept the directors accountable to doing specific actions. It was an immediate thing, we got things implemented and built a business based on systems.”

“The unique Interviewing Process and Team Rules of the Game work particularly effectively and help us with the longevity of our team members. We still use them to this day.”

“It gave us confidence in knowing that we didn’t have to make all of the decisions, Neil helped us with key business decisions.”

“Neil is a very good listener, he can read everyone and senses things about people which has given us powerful insights into ourselves and our team.”

“We are better able to resolve issues, handle uncomfortable situations and create long term repeat and referral business.”

“Neil helped get things back in line and our meetings are a good check point to see how we are progressing.”

David Jones –Managing Director and Dean Osborne- Director of Operations

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