The Client:

Established in 1983, Professionals Stirling Clark in Forrestfield is one of WA’s most highly-successful real estate companies, having been awarded the Top Metropolitan Real Estate Office 9 times with 8 of those in the last 9 years. Not only have the directors achieved this remarkable result within the Forrestfield Office, they have also gone on to duplicate this success and expand from running the single real estate business to now operating 6 similar offices across the metropolitan area. These exceptional results put them at the forefront of WA’s vibrant real estate industry and the owners put their significant success down to their key management principle of “making our client’s needs our number one priority.”

The Brief:

Originally Neil was engaged as the company’s Business Mentor and Advisor in 1998. As Stirling Clark was already a stable and profitable business and the owners had started an additional office in Ballajura, they instructed Neil to focus on a number of key areas within the organisation to take them to the “next level.” Initially this included creating clarity between the business partners, assisting the Principal to move from his role as lead sales rep to a leadership position and to install the systems and procedures necessary to turn the existing businesses into High Performance Sales Offices.

Neil’s brief was to specifically assist with:

  • Key Business Mentor/ Advisor to the Directors
  • Focus on Building Sales Team and Moving Principal to Leadership Role
  • Build the Rent Roll, Database and Repeat and Referral Business
  • Install Systems for Expansion and Growth
  • Finding and Training Top Performing Team Members
  • Advise on Organisational Structure and Systems
  • Create Sales and Relationship Marketing Culture and Install Systems

The Outcome:

From 1998 through to the end of 2014, Neil continued to work with the owners and their teams coaching them through the full implementation of his high-performance systems, a number of organisational changes and assisting them with their ongoing growth and expansion from 2 to 6 offices. The winning formula of systems, customer service focus, a strong sales team and targeted relationship marketing has been duplicated across all 6 offices.

Ultimately Stirling Clark achieved:

  • The number 1 Top Sales Volume & Commission Office in WA for 8 of the 9 last years
  • A Repeat and Referral Business rate of 60% to 70%
  • A record year in sales for the year 2012/2013.

Key Results:

“As my Business Mentor and Advisor Neil kept me honest, kept me accountable and kept me on track.”

“Neil assisted me to make the major change of letting go of my role in sales and moving me into a leadership role. This factor alone had a huge impact on our business.”

“We have achieved the number 1 Top Sales Volume and Commission Office in WA for 8 out of the 9 last years and 2012/13 was a record year for us.”

“Neil really got us to focus on our customers, building our database and relationship marketing… now between 60% to 70% of all our clients are from repeat and referral business.”

“Our staff are happier, we have longer retention and they want to stay with us because we have created a strong family culture amongst the team.”

“The process all made sense, teaching common sense business principles based upon creating high-performance Teams.”

Brendan Clark Managing Director Professionals Stirling Clark, Forrestfield

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