Expressing Emotion

Being able to express your emotions is an important leadership skill

To be a High Performance Leader you may think you need to be tough and not show much emotion. However, that is not true. Of course, there are times when
you will need to be tough but your team want to work for someone who is real – a human with emotions like them. In fact, showing a little vulnerability
will break down barriers, forge relationships and help you develop a rapport with your team.

A number of times I have encouraged my clients to express emotion when they are talking to their team and if the tears well up due to the passion then
let it happen. Show the person how much the message you are conveying means to you.

Be real

People want to work with and for “real” people. Of course, I’m not talking about having an emotional breakdown in front of your team; keep that for a time
with an appropriate person who is not one of your team members.

A business coach or advisor is usually a good person to talk to if your emotions are feeling that intense. Remember, what is the dominant word in emotion?
It is motion, people never go into true motion unless they have been impacted emotionally or have made an emotive decision.

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