Leadership – Dealing with mistakes

The better your Business & Leadership skills, the stronger your business will be. The more time and energy you invest in developing your leadership
skills, the more connected you’ll be with your team and the more focused and efficient you’ll be with your time. 

No business ever runs easily, there are consistent challenges to learn from – sometimes they seem “never-ending” challenges. Team members make mistakes
and they need to feel that it’s ok to make mistakes and not be berated by their leader. If a team member is afraid to make mistakes they will not enjoy
their work, will not be productive or innovative and will eventually start to look for work elsewhere. 

Everyone in the business needs to be an innovator

The basic necessity of doing business today is to look for ways to add more value to your customers than your competition and as a leader you can’t be
the only one innovating the business, you need your team to be doing the same.

Let your team know that you expect them to make mistakes, however, they must learn from the mistake and look at ways of developing a system or checklist
so that the mistake is much less likely to happen again.

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