Gratitude and Success

There are two things I do daily that I believe greatly contribute to my success:

Firstly I practice gratitude. Simply, I state clearly what I am grateful for that day. Many positive psychology studies have shown the incredible power
this practice can have not only on building a positive mindset but also in creating clear, consistent action based on this strong foundation.

Secondly, I repeat my mission or customer statement so my mind is steered towards the purpose of the day and not going straight into task-related thinking.
In addition to shifting my perspective away from the negative and the minutia of life (where it’s all too easy to get caught), this also keeps my thinking
less about myself and more about others.

Why gratitude is so important to success

Strong leaders put others first. They don’t think ‘What’s in it for me?’ but instead ‘How can I help us achieve results?’ When you set your goals around
how you can help others succeed
, you will find much greater satisfaction and financial reward when you do.

So you will see that practising gratitude propels you on an upward spiral towards success. You’re grateful, you help others, working together you are more
satisfied and productive so you achieve more and build success.

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