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Great leaders are visionaries. They know where they are heading. They may not always know exactly how they will get there – but they are clear on what they want in business and life.

Keep your business goals front-of-mind

It’s easy to put goal setting and visioning to one side. We all lead busy lives and often don’t take the time to stop ‘doing’ and assess our goals. However, you have to be careful not to neglect both your personal and professional goals otherwise you may find yourself out of balance or off course.

Spending time on yourself as a leader in this way is never wasted. Each time you review your values and goals, the outcomes will illuminate areas you need to focus more on and bring forward any issues or areas that are being suppressed.

On that note, if you do find you are neglecting certain areas of your life or business, completing this exercise may be just the wake-up call you needed to pay more attention in this area and stop you from reaching a crisis point in either your health, relationships or business.

With my clients and within my programs, I always start with this process and implement regular assessment sessions.

Download my FREE Values & Goals Workbook to start your visioning process.

I encourage you to be honest and realistic with your answers. Trust your initial feelings when you first set a goal, don’t second guess yourself. Make sure your goals feel exciting, they stretch you but they don’t feel daunting.

This can be a completely private document or you can discuss it with family or colleagues. The most important aspect is that you are engaging in ‘YOU’ and your future and helping you build a successful business from the inside out.

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